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Estate Jewelry Buyers San Diego Carl Blackburn is owner of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers and widely recognized throughout Southern California as “San Diego’s Jewelry Buyer.”

As San Diego’s most prominent jewelry buyer, Carl specializes in the purchase of important diamond jewelry, estate jewelry collections, and investment-grade Swiss timepieces–items which otherwise might be sold at an auction house such as Christie’s.

He also is well-known for his work as a consumer advocate for ethical business practices among San Diego jewelry buyers, diamond buyers, and watch buyers.

Carl is Southern California’s most sought-after jewelry buyer because he is both a veteran estate jeweler and internationally-recognized designer of diamond jewelry. His deep knowledge of the estate jewelry market began in the the early 1990′s when he traveled throughout the United States, selling estate jewelry to the country’s finest jewelry stores and galleries.

In the late ’90s, Carl established his own jewelry manufacturing studio. Within a few short years his diamond jewelry and platinum jewelry was featured in jewelry industry magazines around the world.

Much of the Carl Blackburn fine jewelry developed during this period became what is currently known as the Beverley K Collection, one of the United States’ best selling fine jewelry collections.

All of this professional experience has made Carl Blackburn the most prominent jewelry buyer in San Diego County, as well as one of the most recognized estate jewelry buyers in the counrty.  Carl uses his worldwide network of estate jewelers and individual collectors to get his clients the most cash possible for their fine jewelry, large carat diamond rings, and high-brand watches.

Let us show you the difference that Carl Blackburn can make to your pocketbook. If you have highly-valuable fine jewelry or watches to sell for cash or use for immediate collateral loan, contact us now. You will receive a reply from Carl Blackburn, personally, and a free consultation.

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